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Try a nimble & cost-effective solution for managing automated testing results, requirements, and issues.


One of the biggest challenges facing IT leaders and QA professionals is: how to manage automated testing in a collaborative and responsive way with a reasonable cost. Current test management systems are either over-designed, leaving 80% of the features unused, or too primitive, unable to provide tangible information. A specific and dedicated environment for test automation has become vital for a QA team’s productivity and success.


Not sure where to find the solution? Download our test automation management tool, Gredy, which will provide you an all-in-one simple solution for reporting, communicating, and managing automated testing – for FREE!

What’s in it for you? With Gredy, you will:


  • Recognize changes in automated testing results as quickly as quickly as traffic lights change
  • Accelerate decision making processes in the context of heavy automated testing work
  • Reduce time and effort on test result reporting and analysis
  • Keep tests stable, up-to-date, transparent, and traceable
  • Integrate with any ITE or infra without any difficulties
  • Manage collaboration within and outside your team with a smooth workflow


As a cloud-based service that makes automated testing more collaborative and more visible, Gredy is a lightweight logic:


In order to realize "what's new" for the latest test run - all you need is to compare the number of test log errors and warnings against previous runs. Gredy provides a nimble solution to accelerate analysis and maintenance - store all historical information about test runs and use it to benchmark with a neighbor run. Flexible and insightful data presentation enables your team to recognize changes as quickly as traffic lights change.


Start improving your test automation process and dramatically reduce your testing cost with Gredy. Fill in the form to request a FREE team version of Gredy today!





Gredy Feature List


Commitments Real-time access to test result changes


  • Grid benchmarking and comparison of test execution between day A and day A+1
  • Instant notice of changes in test results; no need to update every run
  • Inheritance of test run instance analysis
  • Test run static data: fails number, warns number, path to log, path to supplementary source (e.g. checkpoint logs without internal run details) and number of fails associated with this source, locale, language, version, date, configuration
  • Test run dynamic data: status, comments, assignee, priority


Commitments Improved Management


  • Hierarchical tests organizations: projects, suites, test levels, and environments.
  • Plan and schedule test sets execution - execution and results synchronization are automation tool independent (Enterprise edition).
  • Results analysis workflow and inheritance from previous run.
  • Post-project analysis and automation performance assessment progress of test coverage shows group performance.
  • Flexible building of reports, saving, and sharing with high-level management.


Commitments Transparent, meaningful, and traceable reporting


  • Two styles of updates: Wiki and Calendar Grid
  • Filtering and search enabled to find specific test runs in seconds
  • Individual test result instant analysis details
  • Test case attributes mapping (supports Wiki markup): notes, to-do, defects, design steps
  • Colorizing and benchmark with neighbor preceding run to attract and indicate potential degradation
  • Live statistics and graphs for issues and tests


Commitments Insightful and valuable analysis


  • Provide metrics and KPIs in both technical and business perspectives (trend analysis, bench marking, gap analysis, root cause analysis, risk point analysis)
  • Trends plotting at fly, based on the current data view


Commitments Tracking


  • Built-In defect tracker based on
  • Keeps historical data in a single, easily retrievable space



Commitments Development


  • Simple REST API of results submission & xUnit compatible API for retrieving test results
  • Easy integration with any test automation and continuous integration tools





Our Expertise Gredy's Customers Said:


"We rely significantly on test-automation to reduce time to market our products. Gredy made our automated testing process well established and efficient."

- E-commerce Company


"Our overall software lifecycle have been benefiting from use of Gredy and as more test automation we have as more we realize necessity to have test automaton management tool"

 - Global Finance Company


"We were able to deploy and integrate Gredy with Soap UI within one day. Since then we deliver nice daily reports to managers. Also the tool gets rid of tedious daily results by showing comparisons against previous days"

- Leading GIS Company


"Test automation is an integral part of our continuous integration. Results are huge and unstable from day to day. We are attached to Gredy, it is a must to have tool for us from this point"

- Security Company

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